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We welcome applicants from all around the world and from a wide variety of educational systems. We do not take into consideration an applicant’s race, religion, national origin, sex or country citizenship in determining admission to the college programs.

The application deadline for foreign students (except Erasmus) for Fall semester intake is the 30th of June, for Spring semester intake 1st of December. However, we strongly advise that those applicants who require visas to enter Lithuania to apply earlier since in some cases obtaining visa might take up to 3 months.

If you wish to be admitted to SMK undergraduate programmes, you must have successfully completed 12 years (in some cases 11) of formal education (secondary education). Also you should have sufficient knowledge of English (Upper intermediate and higher) and be very motivated to study here.

Considering the fact that applying to university could be very stressful and confusing, SMK International Relations Office will be always available to help you, guide you and assist you in submitting the required paperwork. To make it faster and more easier for students, all documents could be submitted via e-mail and if we find necessary we will request originals.

We will be pleased to provide you with all necessary application materials as well as with any course or programme you may require. Please note, that students are coming from all over the world from different educational systems with different educational backgrounds therefore in some cases SMK admissions committee might request some additional documents in order to evaluate applications.

Application for admission to SMK University of Applied Social Sciences must be submitted online APPLY HERE

Bellow is the list of documents which you will need to submit together with your application:

- An Application Form;
- A receipt of the paid application fee (120 Euro);
- A Copy of a valid Passport;
- A Copy of a School Leaving Certificate or a College Diploma (Note: If your School Leaving Certificate or a College Diploma is in a language other than English, they have to be translated into English);
- An official recognition of the School leaving certificate obtained from the Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education (CQAHE) (find more information and how to apply here: http://www.skvc.lt/default/en/60/apply/documentation_requirements);
- A Copy of the International English Language Test Certificate confirming the applicant’s knowledge of English at Higher Intermediate level or its equivalent (5,5 and higher);
- A Motivational Essay (Topic indicated in the application form).

Please have in mind that your application can be processed only when you submit all the required documents. After your application is complete it will take up to a week to receive the decision of the admissions committee. All accepted students will receive acceptance letters with the detailed instructions how to confirm their acceptance and prepare to travel to Lithuania.

Process of recognition of foreign qualification


The Unclassified Student is an individual who studies separate course units or groups of units (modules) in the study programmes of SMK.

The Status of the Unclassified Student:

- The unclassified student shall exercise the same rights, responsibilities and obligations as the student of SMK, however, the unclassified student shall not have the status of the student and shall not be entitled to the privileges and benefits that only the individual bearing the status of the student of SMK has.

- The unclassified student cannot be eligible for social or economic benefits, financial aid, social assistance available to students as prescribed by the laws of the Republic of Lithuania (such as the orphan’s pensions and social grants, reimbursement of the cost of studies, state-supported student loans to cover the costs of studies and living expenses provided by the State Studies Foundation of Lithuania, the unclassified student shall not be entitled to take academic leave, etc.).

- The unclassified student shall bear the responsibility of paying mandatory health insurance contributions.

- The unclassified student shall not be eligible to participate in mobility programmes or to apply for different targeted or state issued grants awarded for outstanding achievements.

- The unclassified student shall not receive a student’s card (certificate).

- Depending on the regulations issued by the state, there may be more differences between the status of the unclassified student and the student, other than those included in this Description.

- The following individuals may be accepted to SMK as unclassified students:

- Current students of SMK who would like to additionally take (a) course unit(s)/ module(s) that are taught in other SMK study programmes.
- Students of other higher education institutions who would like to additionally take (a) separate course unit(s) / module (s) based on the course units taught in the study programmes of SMK.
- Other individuals who would like to take (a) separate course unit(s) / module(s) taught in the study programmes of SMK.

Full description of admission and study procedures of unclassified students

If you have any specific questions in regards to application procedure please contact
International Relations Department:
Manager of International Studies
Samson Toye
Kalvariju 137E, Room 102
LT-08221 Vilnius
E-mail: admission@smk.lt
Phone: +370 601 78237

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