SMK contributes to support Ukraine

On behalf of the SMK University of Applied Social Sciences, we would like to express our unconditional and united support for the people of Ukraine, the Ukrainian students studying at SMK, their families, and our partners.

We remain indifferent to aggression against freedom and humanity and we are wholeheartedly standing in this together with you. Our community supports free and peaceful Ukraine.

Given the circumstances, SMK will be providing 100 SMK scholarships to the Ukrainian victims of war and aggression to pay for their studies at our education institution. We will admit students to the existing SMK undergraduate programmes in English. We will publish more information shortly.

We are in touch with our students from Ukraine and we are ready to provide psychological counseling for those in need. We are stronger together.

SMK invites not only its community, but also everyone who can and want to express support for Ukraine:

- to become a volunteer at "Stiprūs kartu" (Strong Together) here.

- to donate to “Aukok.lt” for humanitarian, first and psychological counseling here

- to support the non-governmental organization "Blue and Yellow", which has been supporting the Ukrainian armed forces and civilians affected by the war since 2014. You may donate here

In solidarity with Ukraine, SMK also invites its whole community to join the initiative "
Let’s tie this war up!"

In the Lithuanian language that means - end it! That is what we are praying for.

Come anytime, alone or with the company, and tie blue and yellow stripes on trees, bushes, fences, poles, benches, and more. Let's keep tying until the war is over! By decorating the surroundings of the Russian Embassy in Vilnius, the Russian Consulate in Klaipeda, and Laisvės Alley in Kaunas with these ribbons of peace, we inform the world that we are in solidarity with Ukraine and we promote peace as much as we can.
Let's create a wonderfully unified landscape - a sea of Ukrainian colors!

Locations to tie the stripes:

  • Vilnius: near the Russian Embassy (Latvių g. 53)
  • Kaunas: Laisvės Alley (Laisvės Alėja)
  • Klaipeda: near the Russian Consulate (Šermukšnių g. 4)