SMK Career day

Hey! Internships for SMK students will start soon, and internships are a great opportunity to discover your path, understand which field you want to work in, and get to know your dream profession up close. SMK and the HeyReady Career Center invite all students to Career Day, which will take place on October 12th in Vilnius. 

Participating Companies in Vilnius (list continuously updated): GUIDEHOUSE, PLANAS CHULIGANAS, TELTONIKA TELEMATICS, SPOTOS, IMPACT BRANDS, Hilton Garden, BoredPanda, Shift4, H&M, BODY BODY, Hellman logistics, Neringos restoranas, GO3, PWC, ISSAD, ODA, Transimeksa, Caffeine ir Narvesen, SEB, Teltonika IoT Academy, KSU, Swedbank, NORSAN GmbH, Darni medica, VšĮ Senjorų socialinės globos namai, UAB InMedica, ALLIANZ, LIMA, Continexus, Eastravel, Western Union, ERGO, CHAZZ, Gevara, RAUDONASIS KRYŽIUS.

During the event, companies will answer all your questions in person and talk about internship and employment opportunities. Your professional journey can start at the SMK Career Day!